Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Maximum Long Term Durability
  • Weather Resistant For Low Maintenance
  • Secure locking Systems From Yale
  • Beautiful Aesthetics & Slim Sightlines
  • Optimum Weather Sealing Design
Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

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Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Bring the outside in with our stunning aluminium bi-folding doors. Our concertina-style glazed doors can create a seamless link to your garden. They perfect way of getting greater use and pleasure from your outside space.

Introduce more light and bring a sense of outdoors to your home. Our aluminium bi-folding doors will make a beautiful addition to your patio, blending the boundaries between your home and the outside.

Our market leading aluminium bi-fold doors will bring great value to your East Sussex property. These popular doors are designed with sleek sight-lines and concealed hardware. Strong and robust, they are stylish and durable alternative uPVC.

Aluminium Doors East Sussex

Welcome More Light & Space

Bi-fold doors are increasingly sought after by homeowners. They are a fantastic way of injecting natural light and offer uninterrupted views to the outside. They concertina back to a compact size and can be tucked away to one side, making them a practical and versatile option.

Modern & Slimline

Aluminium bi-folding doors are synonymous with contemporary design – perfect if you are seeking that modern touch.

Maximum glazing combined with ultra slim sight sightlines creates a clean and unobtrusive modern aesthetic.

Flexible Configuration

Depending on your requirements, our aluminium bi-fold doors can be specified to open inwards or outsides, sliding left or right.

Consider the layout of your room, the flow of traffic and then choose the best option for your home and lifestyle.

Over 200 RAL Colours

The standard door is limited when it comes to colour options.  Aluminium doors offer an extensive choice when it comes to finishes. Available in over 200 RAL colours, you can specify you bi-fold doors to suit the overall look of your home.

Dual colours are also available, allowing you to have one colour on the external profile and another on the internal profile. Matching doors to home has never been easier.

Low Threshold Options

Our aluminium bi-folding doors can be designed with a low threshold to help create a seamless transition between rooms and garden.

Our low threshold options are useful in homes where accessibility is paramount. Ideal for wheelchair users and young families.

Our bi-fold doors designed for everyday use and life.

Strong & Secure

Aluminium door frames are known for their innate strength and versatility. They won’t rust, flex or twist and aren’t affected by heat which makes them perfect for homes that are frequently exposed to the elements.

Their sleek appearance is unique in that despite their seamless frame, they still offer superior protection and security. Their frames are incredibly strong so can carry larger and heavier pieces of glass on thinner frames.

Connect Rooms

Aluminium bi-folding doors aren’t just good for linking home to garden, they can be used to link connecting rooms too. They can let light flow between rooms and when you are entertaining, they can be pulled back out of the way, turning two separate spaces into one open-plan area.

 Features & Benefits

Superior Strength

Extremely strong, our aluminium doors offer a unique strength to weight ratio. Their innate strength means they can be manufactured with unbeatably narrow frames, giving a wonderful slimline appearance.

Superb Energy Efficiency

Thermal breaks work to resist heat transfer from the outside to the inside living area. This helps to keep you home cool in the summer yet toasty in the winter months. Aluminium doors are highly efficient.


Low Maintenance

Our aluminium doors are virtually maintenance free. They will never expand or contact and will keep a perfect alignment over a lifetime with no warping or need of adjustments.

Comprehensive RAL Colour Range

We offer an extensive range of aluminium RAL colours. Any colour you can think of, we have it. Tailor your aluminium door to suit your property and taste.


Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in East Sussex

Our aluminium bi-fold doors can be specified to match the architecture of your home.

A perfect addition to both period and modern properties, our bi-folding doors will increase the perception of a continuous space.

If you are looking for aluminium bi-folding doors in Hastings, St Leonards On Sea or the surrounding areas of Ease Sussex, then talk to one of our experts today.

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