Energy Efficiency

We offer a superb range of the most energy efficient double glazed uPVC windows and doors in the UK.

All of our uPVC window and door products are BFRC approved and also endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, so you can be confident that our industry leading windows and doors will keep out the cold and give you a warm home whilst lowering your heating bills.

Liniar's Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Liniar’s state of the art uPVC profile system has been designed in the 21st century to meet today’s exacting standards. As a result our excellent range of energy efficient Liniar windows and doors are technically advanced and can achieve the very highest energy ratings.

Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Liniar’s revolutionary profile uses multiple size-optimised chambers which have been specifically designed to create more thermal breaks and barriers. This makes it harder for warmth to  escape your home whilst making it equally difficult for cold air to enter.

Better For The Environment

All of our Liniar products not only come with the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo but they are also 100% lead free and 100% recyclable making them better for the environment since they lower your carbon footprint.

Meeting EU Legislation Ahead Of Time

Our ethical double glazing supply chain have ensured that Liniar’s uPVC windows and doors meet EU legislation ahead of time by removing lead (with all of the well-known harmful effects caused by lead) from the products.

A+12 WER

The Liniar window system is capable of achieving a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A+12 using a double glazed glass sealed unit! We are not aware of another window profile system in the UK that can currently match this outstanding level of energy efficiency.

Better Gaskets

All of our Liniar uPVC windows and doors come with patented double-action bubble gaskets which prevent heat loss and provide tighter weather seals throughout the product lifecycle due to memory retentive materials used in the design and manufacture process.

Thermal Dam

Our revolutionary Thermal Dam meets PassivHaus recommendations (world leading authority on energy efficiency) and dramatically improves the level of thermal transfer whilst achieving extremely high U-Vales and energy efficiency.