What is FENSA?

FENSA itself represents the very best installers and suppliers of double glazing products throughout the UK. Standing for Fenestration Self- Assessment Scheme, FENSA currently operates as one of the six major Competent Person Schemes recognised in the UK as of 2018, serving to monitor the installation of double glazing country-wide and noting particularly skilled traders and companies with their FENSA certified installer accolade. FENSA is a household name trusted by consumers, local authorities, industries and governments alike, and a FENSA certificate is written proof of this quality.

Only the best suppliers and installers of double glazing are awarded FENSA accreditation, and this accolade doesn’t come easy. It requires the accredited party to showcase exemplary customer service skills and top quality products, all blended together with professionalism and experience that culminates in the customer receiving an official FENSA certificate. Here at Southern Window Systems we have always taken that attitude regardless of our accreditation with approved parties; however this government approved status now serves to officially present our dedication to quality double glazing products and services.

FENSA itself is a government approved body that regulates its certified members and ascertains a number of things on a commercial level, providing consumers with a FENSA certificate at the end of the process. Primarily, the FENSA certification makes sure that the members in question adhere to the strict regulations and guidelines put in place by the government to provide both physical and financial safety and security throughout the double glazing and home improvement process. This regulation is handled by a government-approved system that has been put in place to provide impartial assessments of its members on a regular basis.

What is a FENSA Certificate?

The FENSA Certificate is a certificate required to be imparted to customers upon completion of all double glazing products by FENSA members after April 2002. This only applies to contracts that have been signed after April 2002, however if a project began prior to 1st April 2002 but was completed after the 30th June 2002 then a certificate of compliance is also required in this circumstance as well. It is essentially an official record of your home improvement and double glazing project, and is usually important to reveal when selling your property.


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Peace of Mind

The FENSA certificate is an important document to maintain as it acts as a government-officiated record of your home improvement and double glazing project. If you are a homeowner that has had any replacement windows and/or doors fitted by a FENSA member after 2002, then you will or should have been issued a FENSA certificate. That way, you can rest assured that all of the benefits that come with using a FENSA accredited installer will stay with you without issue, as you have an official government-sanctioned document outlining so.

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Signal of Status

While we’re sure that this will never happen, if you ever have doubts about a supplier or installer of your double glazing, then an official FENSA certificate can be the best way to tell if your trader is an official FENSA member. It is also a symbol of quality, and allows you a number of benefits such as reduced costs from local authority inspection fees. Furthermore, traders and installers accredited by FENSA undergo a strict initial vetting procedure, and are then routinely inspected to ascertain that they are meeting the exact standards in quality required to provide a FENSA certificate.

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Assurance of Insurance

All of our products are specifically tailored to maintain their durability throughout a long life-span. However we understand that customers would like some form of guarantee with this level of quality. That’s why the FENSA certificate acts as a written assurance of your five to ten year guarantees on installations, as well as a product-specific insurance policy that assures you against any damages during installation. That way, we can assure you that you’re getting the best products possible, and you can rest easy knowing that your new double glazing is there for the long-term.

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Streamlined Procedure

Our FENSA certificate production procedure is efficient and organised. Once your home improvement project has been completed, the FENSA accredited member that produced your double glazing project will inform FENSA about your installation, at which point the installation may or may not be selected for inspection. FENSA will then inform your local building control of the work before dispatching a FENSA certificate to you. You can then use this certificate for the aforementioned reasons. Your FENSA certificate is crafted efficiently and quickly!

FENSA Certificate, Prices & Services

If you have found this information useful, then be sure to choose Southern Windows Systems for your next double glazing installation. We have always taken our role as a top quality supplier and installer of double glazing very seriously, stemming back to our roots as a family run business.

Every one of our customers is an individual, and we treat each of their projects as such also. A FENSA certificate is our way of proving to you that we’re here to provide you with the best service possible when it comes to double glazing products and services.

If you want to browse through our great double glazing prices in the meantime, then be sure to utilise our quotation engine which is designed to get a double glazing quote specific to your requirements. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you, and providing you with a FENSA certificate of your own!