Beautiful French Doors

  • Maximum security locking system from Yale
  • 100% lead free, 100% recyclable
  • British Manufactured
  • Thermally efficient due to a multi-chambered profile
  • High performance gaskets for a better seal
  • Capable of A+ 12 energy ratings
uPVC French Doors East Sussex

French Doors

We offer beautiful French doors in East Sussex. Connect both home and garden with our classic uPVC French doors and a touch of continental flair. If you are looking to open up your property then our stylish and contemporary Liniar French doors offer the perfect aesthetics.

Enjoy open views with our uPVC French doors. Installing these fine looking doors will make a big difference to your home’s appearance. These popular doors allow you to enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere by allowing vast amounts of natural light into your property. Whether you install these doors as a means to connect different rooms or have them as an alternative patio door, these doors will bring you much aesthetic value.

French Doors East Sussex

Features & Benefits

Make a seamless entrance between rooms, linking indoor living space with garden or other areas of your home. Wall to ceiling glass panes make these doors very warm and inviting. Chosen for their light enhancing capabilities, our Liniar French doors are perfect for dark corners of your property.

Our French doors are exceptionally manufactured. They make perfect room dividers, giving your space a touch of sophistication. The beauty of French doors is that they allow you to benefit from a separate living area, without the feeling of being closed in


Kitemark Accredited

Our Liniar French doors are kitemarked certified which means they have been stringently tested to a series of physical attack methods. Awarded BS 7412-PAS 24, you have the assurance of a strong design and manufacture.

Advanced Security

Fitted with the Yale shootbolt locking system, you can expect high security as standard. Maximum security is ensured with all our uPVC French doors with advanced locks fitted to both the top and bottom of the door.

10 Year Guarantee

A 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee protects you against cracking, warping or discolouration. Our guarantee comes with all our Liniar French doors so you can have complete peace of mind and avid protection.

Milled Threshold

A milled frame-to-threshold jointing system eliminates the need for unsightly moulded plastic end caps. Low threshold options are also in place for wheelchair users.

Dynamic 2D Door Hinges

Our slimline 2D door hinges are available in a range of 8 bespoke colours. Our exclusive colour collection extends across our entire Liniar range, also including a comprehensive choice of RENOLIT foils.

Thermally Efficient

Supreme energy efficiency is a standard feature on all our French doors. You can expect superior insulation, all year round. Liniar’s multi-chambered profile reduces energy loss within the home.