Elegant & Efficient Patio Doors

  • Maximum security locking system from Yale
  • 100% lead free, 100% recyclable
  • British Manufactured
  • Thermally efficient due to a multi-chambered profile
  • High performance gaskets for a better seal
  • Capable of A+ 12 energy ratings
uPVC Sliding Patio Door Cost

Patio Doors

We offer revolutionary uPVC sliding patio doors in St Leonards On Sea. Our stylish uPVC patio doors are an excellent way to open up your home. Their attractive light enhancing capabilities and efficient, robust system offer the very best of durability and style. What more could you want from a Patio door?

Patio doors are a popular feature in most modern homes. If you are looking to bring more light into your property then a patio door offers this in abundance. They capture natural light beautifully, allowing it to flood into your property. Not only this, but depending on where you install your patio door, they can offer a wonderful view of your garden or the next room – giving the appearance of a brighter and bigger property.

Our Liniar patio doors operate on a sliding rail which prevents the need for any swinging hinges. Our patio doors are able to open wide, making it much easier to pass big items in and out of your property. Our sliding patio doors are ideal for those looking to enhance their space whilst adding a touch of contemporary style.

uPVC Patio Doors East Sussex

Features & Benefits

Our Liniar patio doors are catered for the needs of today’s modern home owner, including a number of unique features and benefits which will instantly add much value to your home. These ground-breaking doors will not only enhance your interior but will allow you to benefit from superior efficiency and security.

Liniar patio doors are designed to withstand the demands of everyday use. These doors will provide you with long lasting aesthetics that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

High Security Locks

The Yale Modlock system is what makes our patio doors far stronger than previous products of their kind. These high tensile steel shootbolts (at both head and cill) make them one of the safest patio doors on the market.

Sleek Sightlines

Designed with ultra slim sightlines for a sleek and streamline appearance, our stylish doors give you less frame and more glass. These uPVC doors will brighten up the darkest corners of your property, giving you added depth and light.

Air Glide System

A smooth and silent transition is maintained with a multi-wheeled ‘air-glide’ system. This innovative system makes our doors very accessible, giving you a flawless opening and seamless transition.

Low Thresholds

We offer a unique wrap-over design which helps to prevent unsightly scuff marks. Low threshold and ramp options are also available, meeting all desired Building Regulations.