Versatile Tilt & Turn Windows

  • Maximum security locking system from Yale
  • 100% lead free, 100% recyclable
  • British Manufactured
  • Thermally efficient due to a multi-chambered profile
  • High performance gaskets for a better seal
  • Capable of A+ 12 energy ratings
Tilt and Turn Windows Bexhill

Tilt & Turn Windows Hastings

Tilt and turn windows are a highly versatile and flexible double glazing option for homes in St Leonards on Sea, Hastings and the surrounding Hastings, East Sussex areas. Tilt and turn windows allow you to make the most of your property as they provide a variety of functions.

The two operations are what make our tilt and turn windows stand out from the crowd. Tilting your window will allow for secure ventilation as fresh air can enter your home without having to be opened fully. A perfect option for use overnight. Alternatively the turn operation allows for extremely easy cleaning from the inside of your property. Great for high rise apartments.

uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows East Sussex

Features & Benefits

Tilt and turn windows in East Sussex make an excellent addition to both traditional and contemporary styles of property. If security is something you’re concerned with then our Liniar tilt and turn windows can put your mind at rest.

Always guaranteeing complete safety as each window comes fully fitted with the world’s favourite Yale locking systems. Consisting of multi-point locks, each window becomes almost impossible to break compared to previous timber alternatives.

Secure Ventilation

Our tilt and turn windows come with a convenient tilt only function that creates extra ventilation without affecting your safety.

Integrated Hardware

UNI-JET concealed gearing is more attractive and better looking than any previous face-fix gearing that is now outdated.

European Aesthetic

Crisp, straight lines as well as concise detailing combine in order to become fully integrated in to the hardware.

Corrosion Resistance

‘FerGUard Silver’ surface coating is in place to make sure long-term corrosion protection is guaranteed for no extra cost.

Quick To Clean

The 90˚ turn action allows for simple outside access, which is great for upstairs windows and high rise accommodation.

Uninterrupted Seal

A continuous rebate gasket prevents condensation forming; whilst at the same time enhances sound proofing.